Steps on How to Rank Your Site

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Steps on How to Rank Your Site

The process involved for newer SEOs can be quite overwhelming. But this does not mean that you will not be able to get it incorporated in your website. Below are some of the steps that you can take that will help you get a better chance at getting your site ranked in page results.

Work smarter when doing keyword research

While keyword research can both be hard and simple it should be fun. However, there are a lot of people that make tons of mistakes when it comes to doing keyword research. For instance, they pick keywords that seem to be too broad. There are those that pick keywords that have way too much competition, does not have enough traffic and do not convert.

There are also those that try to rank a single keyword at a time. This is probably the gravest mistake that one can even commit in keyword research. Ranking hundreds of keywords is more profitable and easier to do than doing it one at a time.

Have a keyword theme

You can solve a lot of problems with keyword themes. This allows you to rank a number of keywords instead of just one and all that using just a single idea. It helps when you know your business enough to get a good understanding of the types of visitors that you are looking for and whether you are aiming for conversions, traffic or both. The more specific the theme is, the easier it is for you to get it ranked.

Aim for specific qualifiers

Qualifiers help keywords have specificity and are helpful at defining intent. You will want as many qualifiers as you can possibly find. There are keyword tools that you can use to make it easier for you to determine more than a hundred keywords based on the Autocomplete feature that Google has. Also, it is free so it makes sense to take the most advantage of it.

Deal with competition strategically

Once you have successfully established your basic set of keywords the next thing you need to do is to determine if it is possible for you to get your phrases ranked. You can do this by eyeballing the search engine search results or you can use automated tools. Always remember that when it comes to ranking, you do not necessarily need to be at the top spot. However, being part of the top five should be something you should truly aim for.

Ensure content value

Just because you have write-ups on your pages does not mean that it will be working for you. Content that does not have any value to it is nothing but just spam. Know how to create value first. It can be in the form of an emotional response utility, perceived value, or point of view. While it is not necessary for yr content to have all of these four, making sure that it will have at least one of these qualities will help.

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