Game-Changing Trends in SEO for 2018

Mason Soiza SEO

Game-Changing Trends in SEO for 2018

It looks like 2018 is going be an exciting year for SEO. With more than 200 factors involved in the algorithm for Google, SEO is indeed one complex science. But it is not how much of this complex science that you know that matters. Businesses and those involved in the industry are reminded that how knowledge in SEO is applied that will determine if a website will make it or not.

With search engines continually striving to improve the search results quality of online queries, it is expected that many of the ranking factors are going to shift shape. Others may remain as important factor as they are now for sites to remain in the top spots, but it is expected that many are likely to just fall into obscurity over time. To the active players, staying ahead of the game is very important and the trends that are likely to become prominent next year are already out.

SRP features are set to rise

It is a common assumption that the best way to secure the most traffic to your site is landing the number one spot on the search ranking. This may no longer be the case net year. SERP features that include knowledge panels, local packs, as well as featured snippets along others are constantly stealing more and more of the attention of the searchers as well as clicks on many an organic listing.

With the SERP features evolving, tracking site rankings within the involved features as well as monitoring the features that have your keyword which are potentially redirecting traffic away from your site will be necessary.

Structured data gets the spotlight

This has something to do with the manner in which HTML is formatted through the use of a specific vocabulary to tell the search engines how content should be interpreted. This can affect how it is going to be displayed on the SERPs.

While Google has never made any confirmation on the structured data being a structured signal, it does help in enhancing how you rank in search listings. Rich snippets- something that is often seen in structured data pages can influence your listing as it does increase your overall click through rate. This can then lead to a boost in the rankings.

Speed remains to be huge

The fastest will really survive in the constantly competitive word of the internet. In the next year, speed remains a huge ranking signal and it is expected to be considered a major factor in the UX. For those that want to know how fast is fast, it has been established that Google would expect the pages to successfully load in only a matter of 3 seconds. Taking the speed test by Gouge is a good first step to analyse your page speed and to know what can be tweaked to get it to load faster, ready for next year.

Mobile will go bigger

Mobile friendliness is going to be a huge factor in ranking next year. Companies now need to double their efforts at getting their desktop and mobile sites aligned to make sure that they will not miss out on the opportunity to get a better rank come the new year.